EU enters obligatory sea courts insurance

On October, 9th,  in Luxembourg Ministers of transport of 27 countries-members of the European Union have reached the agreement, according to which, reaching the seaports in territory of this regional organization captains of all without exception of courts will be obliged to show the ship insurance. In case of insurance certificate absence, the port administration […]

Crisis has struck on insurance giant AIG

Morris Grinberg, who has almost for 40 years supervised insurance company AIG, approves, that the company is “in crisis”, and insists on canceling of shareholders’ annual assembly. He stated this requirement in the letter to board of AIG directors, which copy is directed to the US Commission under securities and stock exchanges. Grinberg has emphasized […]

Vacation insurance

Therefore some insurance companies offer the concrete short-term programs, including medical and accident insurance. Insurance upon accident differs from vacation insurance by the form of payments. If in the first case insurance company compensates the means spent for treatment, within the limits of the insurance sum, at insurance upon accident the insurance sum (certainly if […]

Some facts about rise

Today Insurers already state satisfaction concerning expected annual results: 20-30% growth of premiums – it is preliminary forecast of classical insurance market development within the last year (on results of the first half-year, the volume of the collected premiums has on 28% exceeded similar parameter in 2006). According to experts’ estimations, current year also promises […]

Financial crisis has come to Chinese insurers

Chinese insurance industry, which volume makes $440 billion, faces great problems now. And even intervention of authorities does not rescue Chinese insurers and in terms of world financial crisis, growth of profit of these companies is not expected. One of the largest insurance companies of China Ping An Insurance Co has lost $2,3 billion on […]

The American has gone on extreme measures to sell the house

The elderly inhabitant of American state Wisconsin Bean Fenning has offered the unusual transaction to the potential buyers of the house: if he dies within 10 years after the conclusion of the contract on sale of the house, the buyer will receive $500 thousand under the contract on Fenning’s life insurance. Cost of the house […]

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