Some facts about rise

Today Insurers already state satisfaction concerning expected annual results: 20-30% growth of premiums – it is preliminary forecast of classical insurance market development within the last year (on results of the first half-year, the volume of the collected premiums has on 28% exceeded similar parameter in 2006). According to experts’ estimations, current year also promises […]

The American has gone on extreme measures to sell the house

The elderly inhabitant of American state Wisconsin Bean Fenning has offered the unusual transaction to the potential buyers of the house: if he dies within 10 years after the conclusion of the contract on sale of the house, the buyer will receive $500 thousand under the contract on Fenning’s life insurance. Cost of the house […]

Berkshire Hathaway refuses to insure lodgments over 100 thousand dollars

The division of company Berkshire Hathaway – Kansas Bankers Surety (KBS) – has declared about the termination of insurance of the American bank deposits over the volumes, guaranteed by the government. KBS – the affiliated structure of the company – has informed more than one and a half thousand banks of the USA that it […]

Insurance of financial risk at the construction investment

Insurance of financial risks is a unique opportunity to return money, invested into the construction, in case of failure of obligations from the building organization. The most widespread kinds of infringements from the builder are double sale of apartments relies in numerous carry of terms of input of the house to operation down to a […]

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